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Due to the growth of families in surrounding area parishes, The Archdiocese of San Antonio purchased ten acres of land on January 31, 1957, with the intention of eventually forming a new parish. In December of that year, a temporary chapel was constructed.

Following the dedication, the first and second grades of the school were taught at the front end of the building while also utilizing the structure as a chapel. Surplus barracks were purchased in the summer of 1961 and remodeled by the men of the Parish; this became Holy Name Parish School, staffed by the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity.


On April 15, 1962, groundbreaking ceremonies were held for a new, permanent, eight-room school building and rectory, which were completed by September of the same year. Two more classrooms were added to the barracks building in 1964, and the church building underwent one of many renovations in 1965. At that time, the barracks building was converted into a hall, kitchen, and classrooms. In 1966, a separate, three-room temporary classroom building was added, and in 1967 a lighted baseball field was constructed. During June 1969 to June 1976, most of a substantial and lingering debt was paid off. In order to do this, economic measures were required. In 1971, the seventh and eighth grades had been discontinued. Interior work in the church building and hall was carried out during those years. During 1977, further renovations were undertaken to the aging barracks building to provide for a Religious Education Center. In that same year, the phasing-back of the seventh and eighth grades of the Parish School began.


On July 18, 1981, groundbreaking ceremonies were held to commemorate a new Activity Center. With the arrival of the Sisters of St. Francis that same year, school enrollment peaked. Pre-Kindergarten and Extended Daycare programs were then added. The years 1984 through 1987 marked a period of growth and stability for the school. The Sisters of St. Francis left Holy Name School in May 1987; and for the first time in its history, the school was under the administration of a lay principal. In September of 1988, the east barracks building was completely destroyed by fire. However, plans to build the new Education Building were soon finalized, and a groundbreaking ceremony took place in October. The new school facility provided three new classrooms, one with a science lab; a computer lab; preschool and daycare facilities; a Parish Learning Center; an Adult Education Room; and the school's administrative offices. The building was blessed in the spring of 1989 and was first used by the school in the fall of 1989.


Currently, Holy Name Catholic School is under the leadership of Father Juan Carlos and Principal Susie Garza.

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